I hustle for very big sites and have created a few cool profitable companies. I am a regular speaker at SMX, have spoken at other well known, industry conferences and done many interviews for well known people. Some of my previous personal projects include sites like my my sports site ChampsNation.com, FairFareList.com and my people search site, socialcatfish.com. I’m a results driven person. I hold myself accountable and strive to be, and always do my very best. Everyone that’s ever worked with me knows, and can attest to this.

Feel free to connect with me on Twitter or LInkedin.


Need to contact me? Email me at david.mcclellan.sd(at)gmail.

Need consulting? I only take on a few projects that I find super interesting. I’m not cheap but, you will get your investment’s worth with me. Contact me if you feel we’d be a good fit.